Welcome to Garden Ridge Church of Christ

Thanks for checking us out.

We're a loving family of Christians who put God first in our lives. We believe God is perfect and powerful, and that He communicates through the Bible – His inspired, finished message for all people. We're committed to serving and worshiping God without deviating from His holy book. You can read more about our beliefs here.

What to Expect

We're friendly. Seriously. When you come in, we'll meet you face-to-face with a smile. You won't be singled-out in a group, asked to stand or speak, or be embarrassed in any way.

We have engaging Bible classes for all ages before each service. Our single focus during this time is to learn as much as we can from God's word through reading the scriptures and group discussion. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Our worship is simple and practical. We take communion every Sunday, sing, pray, and listen to a sermon. We try to mimic the straightforward pattern we see in the New Testament. If you have a Bible, bring it. If you don't have one, that's OK – we've got you covered.

Service Times and Location

Sunday9:30 AM and 5:00 PM
Classes for all ages start at 9:30 AM. Worship at 10:30 AM.
Wednesday7:00 PM
Address19881 FM 2252
Garden Ridge, TX 78266