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Blog - Words of Encouragement

Bible Reading

2023 Reading Plan

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

The Bible is not a book but a library of books. It contains books of History, Poetry, Wisdom, Prophecy, Gospels, and Letters. The 66 books of the Bible, though varied in style and content, all tell the same story. It is the story of the eternal God, Yahweh, and His creation which He loves. To help us see the larger flow of Scripture, our reading plan for this year is taking a chronological approach to reading the Bible. One of the benefits of this format is when the books of Scripture overlap, we see the different ways God spoke to and dealt with His people.

For example, when reading the Divided Kingdom period, the books of Kings and Chronicles give us a full picture of the lives and deeds of the kings of Israel and Judah. Yet, the Chronicler is focused on following the dynasty of David closely, looking for the coming Messiah, and in Kings, the author is focused on the rebellion of God's people and kings to His law. Also, when reading Acts, we will see the writings of the apostles blended into the narrative, further connecting the growth of the church with the teaching of the apostles.

Our hope is that in reading the Scriptures this year, we will all grow in our faith and knowledge.